Our Vision

Our vision for Only Son Ministries is create a church for the homeless of Fort Collins, Colorado. A church where they are loved as people and are supported. As of now, we meet every Saturday afternoon in Jefferson Park to share a meal and our hearts with them. But we are not satisfied with just this; we want more so that there can be a greater impact. While our short term goals have been met, we have long term goals that we are actively creating solutions to see them become reality.


We want to have a building where we can provide a safe, clean, and warm shelter for the homeless. By providing a place where they can call home, we are helping them re-establish their dignity and value. We also want to use this space for a church where we are free to worship together, sheltered from harsh weather.


Many of the homeless are addicted to various substances and trapped in mindsets of victimization. We want to be able to offer a faith based recovery program where they can be freed from substance abuse and to build their confidence to pursue their dreams. By connecting with their physical and spiritual needs, we will begin to see lives restored and freedom established.

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