Stories of Hope

Here at Only Son Ministries, we believe that the foundation of our ministry is relationships. First our relationship with Christ, then with everyone else. See how Only Son Ministries has touched the lives of the homeless in Fort Collins through relationship.

Lexie and Leanne celebrating their new life with Jesus. Meth and Heroin is stealing our children. There's only one way out and that's the healer and great physician. 

Chris is choosing Jesus over Meth and Alcohol. 

Vinny talks about his baptism and the power of the Word of God.
Miguel discusses what The Church of the Homeless means to him.

Ben shares his appreciation for the food, but is even more thankful for the ministry.

Skyler shares his gift of music.
Sarah describes her journey from homelessness to finding a place to live and now serving the homeless.
Jennifer is baptized into the body of Christ on 8/27/2016.
JD is baptized into the body of Christ on 8/27/2016.
Philly's powerful testimony about his experience at the Saturday in the Park ministry.

God is Good!

Vic and Tracy discuss their mission of serving the less fortunate.