Who We Are

In 2007, Bob became the Director for Celebrate Recovery at a church in California, a faith based recovery ministry. As part of the program's mission, Bob would lead serving those in need- the homeless, addicts, and broken- as the opportunities arose. Working with the homeless was not in his comfort zone, but he knew that serving in that capacity is where Christ was calling him.

I know now that out of our comfort zone,
into the realm of the unknown, is where Jesus is.
— Bob

In 2012, Bob and and his wife, Laura, moved to Fort Collins, Colorado from California. Shortly after arriving here, Bob wanted to start a Celebrate Recovery program with a local church. One day, as he drove past a local park that was filled with homeless men and women, he felt a tug on his heart from the Holy Spirit to visit with them. While there, he so strongly felt that this is where God was calling him to start a church and recovery program. It wasn't quite what Bob had in mind, but he then remembered his own personal history of being broken and addicted, and how Christ rescued him. So when he heard the call of God, he knew to follow through with this calling and started serving the homeless in Fort Collins. Since then, he has gone to the park every Saturday with the intent to start a homeless community church and to help meet basic needs. Soon afterwards, Laura started to accompany him to the park to feed and minister to the homeless. Today, they share a meal and relationship with many of the homeless.

Today, when he looks back at his life and ministry, he so clearly sees how God has taken the broken parts of his life and used them to create beauty. He was once broken, but he has been healed and now serves the broken to bring healing and hope to them. Bob's heart message is to share the truth that we were all created by God to be loved by Him and for us to love Him back through loving other people.

You see, Jesus’ greatest desire is to have a constant relationship with us.
So, like Him, Only Son Ministries is about having a
constant relationship with His people.
— Bob

Since then, in October of 2015, a local of Fort Collins, Kevin, became acquainted with Bob at the park. Kevin saw what Bob was doing and knew that God had orchestrated their meeting. He then decided to jump into the ministry with his wife, Allison. Together, Kevin and Allison support Bob and Laura's ministry every week. Through his leadership and influence at his local church, Kevin has also been able to lead others into this ministry to reach out to homeless men and women.

Additionally, Bob has partnered with two other men, Miguel and Walt, to provide food for the homeless. Miguel, once also homeless, has a home run food truck and serves to show that homelessness doesn't have to be forever. He comes every week to show that new beginnings are possible and to share a meal, also.

Together, these group of individuals have teamed together to bring hope and healing to the homeless of Fort Collins. As their ministry grows, they are excited to see where God will take this and use it to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth.

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