What We Do

Feed and Clothe

We are commanded, as followers of Christ to not only look after the spiritual needs of those around us, but also their physical needs. This is a key factor at Only Son Ministries, as each week, we feed our brothers and sisters while providing other physical needs when we are able to provide. James 2:16

Build RelationshipS

We serve a God who is relational and seeks to have intimate relationship with every person. Since we are His followers, we also make it our highest priority to create and develop relationships with each person who comes to our ministry so that they can experience the love of Christ. Hebrews 10:24-25


Every week, we pray with and for each other to build up all in Christ. James 5:15


Every week, we offer a short teaching so that those in our ministry learn more about Christ and how to reflect Him more. Matthew 28:19


Our goal is to create a space for housing and a faith based recovery program. We at Only Son Ministries believes that God is a God of restoration who never gives up on His people and so we want to have a space to where those we minister to can experience this. Jeremiah 29:11

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